Dill Pickle Ketchup

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Pickles and ketchup go great on burgers so why not put the flavor of both into a bottle?

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Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 22 × 10 × 10 cm

6 reviews for Dill Pickle Ketchup

  1. Samantha

    the best I’ve ever had. got it from the food truck fest in pickering. solid!!

    • twisted

      we are very Glad you enjoyed it
      thank you

  2. Johanna Cardinal

    My mouth waters just smelling an open jar of dill pickles and I pretty much only eat ketchup with my hot dogs. This Dill Pickle Ketchup is a perfect marriage of both. Have bought over a dozen bottles now over the years and this is my SINGULARLY FAVOURITE ketchup ever. First introduced to it at the Canadian National Exhibition when it seemed you were just getting known. Well-done! Coming back for more.

  3. Katie

    OMG!!!!! Tried it at balls falls thanksgiving craft show, and shared some with my mom. Now I’m buying us both a brand new bottle. I HAVE to put this on my fries now, they just aren’t the same without it!

    • twisted


  4. Amy

    DELICIOUS! Adds amazing flavour to anything you put it on, especially grilled cheese sandwiches.

  5. Tracy

    This is the BEST ketchup I’ve ever had! Discovered it as a gift and now I’m hooked and gifting it to others! Great job!!

  6. Ross

    Nailed it! Can’t have food without it now.

    • twisted

      so glad you enjoy it

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