Enhance The Taste With Twisted Tomato Ketchup

Whether you are having a family dinner at home or you are eating out at a restaurant, ketchup is always present to enhance the taste of your food. If you are a foodie who likes to eat fast food regularly then ketchup is sure to be an important part of your diet.
Ketchup isn’t just used as a condiment; it is also added into different food items like lasagna, pasta and other food items to enhance their taste. Ketchup actually plays a huge role in the taste of such dishes.
You can find thousands of different brands of ketchup all over the world. However they differ in taste and quality. Some ketchup brands offer more exquisite taste than others. One of those amazing brands is Twisted Tomato Ketchup.
Twisted Tomato Ketchup
Twisted Tomato Ketchup offers an amazing eating experience. The brand was established in 2013. Twisted Tomato Ketchup is a Canadian ketchup brand that has garnered global population to its amazing taste and quality.
Twisted Flavors
The brand offers 6 amazing flavors that are bound to make your taste buds tingle. Each flavor is unique and exciting. The best part about these flavors is that they are exclusive to the Twisted Tomato Ketchup brand. You cannot find similar flavor anywhere else in the world.
The six flavors include;
• Bacon
A delicious saucy taste with a hint of bacon. It is a great ketchup to use with roasted meat or French fries.
• Dill Pickle
If you love to eat dill pickles then you would love this twisted ketchup flavor. This is one of kind flavor with a taste of vinegar and dill pickle.
• Ghost Pepper
Is there anything pepper can’t make taste better? Ghost Pepper is one of our clientele’s favorite. The slight taste of pepper in the saucy tomato ketchup complements any food item you are eating.
• Garlicious
As the name suggests, this ketchup is filled with a rich taste of garlic. A perfect item to have on dining table.
• Chipotle
An amazing ketchup with a ripe jalapeno taste Chipotle works well with almost all dishes and junk food.
• Plain Boring and All Canadian
A simple yet gourmet product. Plain Boring and All Canadian is one of the best flavors offered by Twisted Tomato Ketchup. This flavor fairly represents the birthplace of Twisted Tomato Ketchup. Eat this ketchup with fries, pizza or any other food item to enjoy a true Canadian experience.
Where Can You Find Twisted Tomato Ketchup
Twisted Tomato Ketchup can be found in retail stores in almost 40 different countries. In addition to the retail market, Twisted Tomato Ketchup products can also be found on the official store of the Twisted Ketchup brand. We are also trying to expand our network by making our product available on new stores every year.