This ingredient makes for the best meatloaf

After countless atempts to make meatloaf’s I have come up with the best recipe to solve the traditional problems people have with meatloaf.

I personally don’t like dry tasteless blocks of meat as most of the meat loafs I have had seem to be made. Further more if you want to save some for the next day its even worse. As the cooling process sucks out the moisture that is left in the meat. My added ingredient solves both of those issues

my secret is what I call the “moist maker” as Monica gellar phased it from friends

So there are a few variations I like to use to change up the flavor but once you try one of mine you can become creative and try your own variations.

What you need

5lbs of lean ground beef

1/4 cabbage or can of cranberry sauce or 4-5 onions.

Salt or Montreal steak seasoning

Twisted tomato dill pickle ketchup

set oven to 425c

Then chop the cabbage and boil until soft. Drain and puree.


Chop and Sauteed onion until caramelize then puree


Open a can of cranberry sauce

Mix 1 of the 3 options


-3 tablespoons of salt or 4 Montreal steak seasoning

– 1/2 cup of twisted tomato dill pickle ketchup

Mix throughly

Shape into a loaf on parchment paper on a baking dish.

Coat the outside of the loaf with a good layer of twisted tomato dill pickle ketchup

Bake for 45 mins uncovered


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