First established in 2013, Twisted Tomato Ketchup was founded with a single goal in mind, to become the world’s premier gourmet Ketchup company.With thousands of satisfied customers spanning around the globe in over 40 countries, Twisted Tomato Ketchup has emerged as one of the most popular Gourmet Ketchup destinations in the world.Our mission at Twisted Tomato Ketchup is to take your taste buds to a whole new level! We show case unique flavours of ketchup that have yet to be duplicated.We’re constantly adding new flavors, trying limited edition runs and relying ¬†on feedback from you, our loyal customers to keep paving the way in unique, gourmet ketchup blends!

New stores

We are now in several stores accross ontario, check in a store near you now to find us.

Not in a store near you ask your grocery manager to bring us in.

or let us know what store are we will reach out.